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Your Innate Body Wisdom - The Brain/Gut Connection with Raewyn Guerrero

Episode Summary

Your gut is connected to your brain, your hormones, your skin – to pretty much all health. Listen in as I talk to functional health coach Raewyn Guerrero about getting solutions to your health concerns instead of band aids so you can stop chasing symptoms and get to the root cause.

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Meet Raewyn Guerrero, The Gutsy Executive Coach committed to helping you eliminate the guesswork around your stress, so that you can fine tune your biochemistry and become the CEO of not only your health, but your Life.

After years chasing symptoms in the Conventional Medicine World to address her own Anxiety and IBS, she discovered the evidence-based, systems biology framework of Functional Medicine and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. This approach revealed how the gut is connected to the brain, to hormones, to the skin – to pretty much all health. Armed with that knowledge, she retrained as a Functional Health Coach, left her Corporate Wellness job to set up Well Works – her online Functional Medicine Practice and Corporate Wellness Consultancy – with a team of practitioners who believe in lifestyle and integrative medicine as passionately as she does. Her mission is to awaken everyone who comes her way to the innate wisdom of the body and the most cutting-edge natural solutions that allow true healing!

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